About Tots Express

Tots Express Learning Center is a very unique Day-Care. Our children learn from every direction. Tots Express consists of six classrooms, full staff teachers and assistant teachers, full staff kitchen, and toddler sized bathrooms. Our children share in daily activities and fun! Sometimes you will catch students mimicking their teachers and begin teaching other students their colors, days of the week, shapes and other things... Tots Express strives for perfection in the education of our children. 

Tots Express' programs go beyond traditional finger-painting and crayons (through we have this, too) the diversity of artistic experiences we offer our students is worlds beyond anything Chicago has seen before. Our programs nurture each student’s creative vision provide ample opportunity for students to fully explore their creative sides.

Tots Express offers an equally unique and successful academic curriculum with proven results. Our curriculum centers on a hands-on, engaging approach towards learning that creates a fun and emotionally supportive place for everyone that encourages independence and accommodates each student’s personal pace and learning style. Students of all ages have thrived and excelled in academically, with a consistent pattern of students being accepted into many of the city’s top primary schools. 

Tots Express Learning Center’s students are constantly exposed to the wonders of the world around them. There are so many exciting places to explore right here in the city, and we take a great joy in adventuring with our students. From the zoo and the aquarium, to nature parks and museums, to plays for children, Tots students go on field trips every other month of the year.Except August& September.

We also take great care to expose our students to environmentally-friendly learning programs. Living in an urban environment, our students often miss out on seeing much of what nature has to offer, which makes it even more important that every student experiences "The OutDoor Classroom which offers hands-on natural science experiences.